About Me

I’m a photographer and studio owner— I’ve lived and breathed the hobby, and run the business. All my life. Film trained before digital was even a thought. In college, printing in the USU darkroom, my friends, (all photographers of course) joked I had developer in my veins. I speak geek — photo-geek!  I get insanely excited when I read, write, or talk about tools or software or a service that’ll make photographers’ lives easier and more creative.  I’ll understand–and sell–the benefits!

I’m a writer first — I started out professionally in the 80’s, writing radio advertising copy before taking on photography…and eventually returned to my first love, which is writing.

I’m a proud mom — My young-adult son is a budding photographer, and my teen-age daughter is becoming a pretty decent writer and video editor herself.  We obviously swim in the same gene pool!! And yep, I’m pretty proud. So is their Dad, who was my cheerleader and pushed me into professional photography.

I’m a health fanatic — I lost a significant amount of weight in 2012, by changing my lifestyle, habits,  nutrition and supplements…..and now I’m PASSIONATE about helping others find that same success.  I know firsthand the pain of  shopping for tent-like clothes, or avoiding mirrors because I don’t like the reflection.  I understand the emotions, the sadness,  and even the fear and desperation  that  your prospects feel….I’ve been your prospect.  I’ve been your customer.  I can speak to them in a voice they’ll recognize.

My Weight Loss Story:

“Just swallow the *******  pill!” My 10-year-old son, newly diagnosed with ADHD  wouldn’t–couldn’t— swallow his first huge, and to him, scary,  pill. My yelling and profanity didn’t help.

“Do not crush,” it stated emphatically on the package.

After an hour-long battle, and reassuring his little kindergarten-aged sister that no, I wasn’t going to kill her brother, I gave up and called the pharmacist.  “Oh…yes, it’s fine to crush the pills and stir them into  applesauce or chocolate milk.” he cooed. Then why not print that on the package?!?

On the drive back from school (the kids were over an hour late that morning) I sobbed, ashamed I’d yelled at my sweet son.  To make things worse, I’d missed my scheduled appointment at a new gym to start a brand new exercise regimen.  I’d tried for years to lose weight, never succeeding. I didn’t recognize the round, 70-pounds- overweight and out-of-shape person in the mirror. She disgusted me.

I was tired of shopping in the plus-size section.  I was tired of feeling fat and depressed. And that morning, after the battle with my son,  I was just plain TIRED.  All I wanted to do was go home, pull the covers over my head, and wallow away the day in bed. And eat pudding.  I wanted to give in the nagging depression that always seemed to nip at my heels.

Somehow, I found a tiny scrap of  motivation and drove directly to the gym anyway.  I’d just joined the day before, and had a simple program designed by the gym’s  trainer.  I bargained with  myself that I’d try to exercise for just 10 minutes, just TEN MINUTES, then go home and bury myself in my blankets if I still felt the same way.

But something happened that morning.  Instead of stopping after 10 minutes, I noticed the stress of the morning literally melting away as I pounded that elliptical, gasping.  I stayed on the machine for the entire 20 minutes that the gym trainer told me to start out with.  Was it easy? No. But instead of feeling weak and exhausted, the emotional pain of the morning evaporated with every ragged, out-of-shape breath.  The anger at myself disappeared.

I felt GOOD, really good, and energized, for the first time in a long time. Tired too, but a good, physical tired, not the mental exhaustion I’d been feeling for so long.  And that day, after my time at the gym, I felt MOTIVATED to make healthy food choices, instead of eating my feelings and drowning  the stress of that crazy morning with junk food.

Fast forward eight months. 60 of the 70 pounds were gone (and have stayed gone for 5 years).  Depression. Gone. Fat clothes. Gone. Weight.  Lost.  And new joy for living. Found!

My son’s ADHD was controlled.  He was getting A’s. He told me, “Mom, I feel smart!”  His medicine became just a routine part of every morning…as did my sanity-saving, depression-busting, weight-maintaining trips to the gym.

My passion for health and fitness  was born.