EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: Just breathe Mom.  Relieve allergy symptoms, NOW.


As a mom, it breaks my heart when my son’s allergies flare up.  He’s stuffy. He’s miserable.

Then I heard a Jupita Air Purifier could remove 99.97% of allergens, and I can run it from my smartphone.The app even tells me when to replace the filters, so I’m sure our air is clean.  And I can order replacement filters with just one touch.

I plugged in my Jupita Air Purifier  in my son’s room. It handles 360 square feet.  And it’s so quiet! He sleeps great.I feel like a better mom!  And my son? He feels better too.



EMAIL SUBJECT LINE: A no-cost fundraiser with no work involved?

EMAIL HEADLINE:Raise funds for your school at NO COST to your group, and  with NO WORK for you.



Hello (name of Parent Teacher Association president),

Fund raising. Sure, traditional school fundraisers work. Bake sales work.. School carnivals work. But the common word in all these traditional fundraising methods is……..yes, you know it….WORK. And a lot of it!

I’m (client’s name) owner of (photography studio)….and  I have a great way to raise funds for your PTA with very little work. And BONUS–it’s at NO COST to your school.

A photography fundraiser through my studio, (studio name)  puts the FUN back in fundraising, and eliminates 90% of the work!

Nothing to plan, no committees to organize, no orders to spend hours delivering.

How do my portrait photography fundraisers work?

It’s simple.

(Studio name) provides the school with flyers, which are sent home in students’ backpacks,  and an email template to send out, explaining to parents that in exchange for a small donation to the school, my studio provides:

A FREE professional family portrait session, and

A FREE professional 11×14  family print, plus

The option to purchase additional portraits or packages–with NO OBLIGATION to do so.

Interested parents simply complete  the contact form on the email, or the bottom portion of the flier and return it to the school office with their donation.

Once donation money is collected in the school office, your work is DONE.   I’ll contact each family directly and schedule their portrait session. My studio handles it all from there.

That’s it. Easy and fun….It’s a win-win-win!

The school wins–donations are collected with no  extra work. And at no cost to the school.

Parents who donate win–a small donation becomes a treasured gift– a professional portrait that grows more valued and priceless as the years go by.

And (photography studio) wins–I meet new clients, who usually want to buy (with NO pressure) a few extra portraits from their session. Happy clients donate again and again, and come back to me year after year as I offer this fundraiser annually.

I’d love to add families from your school to my annual fundraiser sessions. I’d like to meet with you in the next few weeks, or even chat on the phone to answer questions and discuss how I can help your organization raise funds, and put some fun back in your school fundraising!

Please email, text, or call me at (000-000-0000) for a free consultation, or visit www.(website url) to learn more.


Thank you!




FREE GIFTS for everyone on staff —

Call me before (deadline date) for a free consultation, or visit (website url) to find out more about how a portrait fundraiser can earn money for your school with no work, and I’ll throw in a FREE GIFT for you and everyone on your staff! (gift is a clear acrylic  photo frame key ring with studio name for promotional purposes)